Toco The Cat And His Human: Growing Up Together

Toco The Cat And His Human: Growing Up Together


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A tabby cat and his little human have been together since they were babies. The two share a very special friendship and are completely inseparable. The parents have documented their special bond on instagram. It's evident that kitty loves his little human and the little girl adores her furry best friend.

Toco and his little human when they were just a couple of months old.

The two bonded soon after they were introduced and became each other's nap buddies.

Snuggling with my best friend.


Growing up, they always play together.

Toco enjoys keeping his little human company. The little girl loves sharing her toys with her tabby friend.

Toco babysitting his little human while she is playing with water.

Toco teaching his little human to open a door.

He is sharing his favorite thing with her - his box

Teaching her the "If it fits, I sits" philosophy.

She always plays her favorite toys with Toco.

When the little human takes a nap, Toco is always by her side.

Like her little guardian angel.

Best of friends for life.

Photos by makicocomo via instagram.

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