Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy


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The Turbo Scratch Cat Toy made by Bergan Pet Products is the smartest cat toy plus a scratcher I have ever seen and it is my cat's favorite pastime. It functions as a scratcher that is made of card board material. The great thing to get your cats used to scratching card board is so that they will stop or reduce the occurrence of scratching couches or fabric. Card board has a different texture from fabric. It is rough and corrugated. When cats start associating card board with scratching, whenever they touch it, it sends a cue to their brain and invokes the action of scratching. You can train your cat to stop scratching your favorite things by introducing this product.

You bet your cat would love it because it is also attached with a track where the ball can spin around in. Cats adore moving objects especially small, round, rolling balls. They'd push it along to see it spin and stop it only to spin it again. Once they get on the center of the disc, they can exercise their claws. How convenient. The toy comes with 2 different kinds of balls. One with a flashing light that blinks when it's moving. The other one is plain without the flashing light. However, after our careful observation, it seems that our cat isn't very interested in the light, but he is awfully fond of any thing that makes a sound such as a bell or anything that jingles. So I would recommend the one with the plain ball. It is cheaper and your cat would love it just as much.

The toy comes with a bag of catnip. Add a pinch of it to the card board disc, your cat will go crazy about it.

You can purchase this product from any local Petsmart stores or at Amazon.com. Good luck.

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