Whack a Mouse Fun Cat Game with Videos

Whack a Mouse Fun Cat Game with Videos


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There are a lot of interactive games out there that you can purchase from the store. Some of them are pretty pricey. Do you know that you can create a very fun interactive game for you and your cat with no more than a couple of dollars or less?

The game is called the Whack a Mouse/Mole. Your cat can even use it as a great alternative to a fancy SmartCat Peek A Prize Cat Toy Box. You will need to have a medium to large sized cardboard box and a stuffed mouse toy.

A cat lover from YouTube made a Whack a mouse toy for his cat:

Step one:

Select a nice sized cardboard box, remove all the flaps. Cut out one side of the box so you can fit your arm inside.

Step two:

You can tape around the box to secure it, so it will not fall apart. Cut out six circles on the bottom of the box.

The holes should be big enough for the mouse toy to get through.

Step three:

Once you are done, place the box upside down, so the bottom is facing upwards.

Step four:

Use your hand to stick the mouse toy out through a hole and wiggle it to attract your cat's attention.

Step five:

Try something  different by placing a few mouse toys inside the toy. Your cats' foraging instinct will compel them to seek the mice out of the box. This is a great toy that works very similar to SmartCat Peek a Prize Cat Toy Box.

Your cat would love this toy and will try everything to catch or hit the mouse. My kitties absolutely love the new toy:

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Images via: rikomatic, splityarn, WyoLibrarian

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