What do Your Home alone Cats do all Day

What do Your Home alone Cats do all Day


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What do your cats do when they are alone at home? Friskies did the very first focus group on 50 felines to see what life is like in the eyes of a cat.

These 50 cats became the repurrters for the project. Each of them wore a cat cam on their collar to capture all the nooks and crannies of their lives. The cat cams snap a picture every 15 minutes to give us a cat's eye view of their incredible world.

The project is called the Scratchington post report. The findings are astonishing. Most cat owners think that their cats sleep most of the time when they are left alone at home, but little do they know that their cats' life is far more colorful than they thought. Cats are sensory creatures that love to be stimulated by various things such as toys, food, living things from the outdoors and so forth.

Friskies put together a photo album of all the cam photos taken by the repurrters. The pictures are truly fascinating:

Click here to see the pictures.

What do our cats do when we are not at home? Here are the results gathered from the 50 repurrters to give us a new insight of their life:

  • Looking out windows: 21.6%
  • With other animals: 11.8%
  • Playing with toys: 5%
  • Eating, looking at food: 4%
  • Sleeping: 6.1%
  • Looking at TV, computer, books, DVDs (any media): 6.1%
  • Hiding under table: 6.3%
  • In the sink/tub: 1.7%
  • Climbing (on chairs, kitty condos): 7%
  • In the bedroom: 8.1%
  • In the bathroom: 3.1%
  • In the kitchen/dining room: 9.9%
  • In the living room: 12.7%
  • In the home office: 5.2%

You can see the full report of this project by downloading the Scratchington post report.

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