Why Does My Cat Stick His Tongue Out

Why Does My Cat Stick His Tongue Out


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Have you seen your cats sticking out their tongue, acting all cute? It is adorable and goofy to look at.

Why do cats stick out their tongue?

A Grooming Tool

Cats spend almost 1/3 of their life time grooming. They extend out their tongue to brush their coat and remove loose hair. Sometimes they stop for a moment while licking their fur and forget to pull their tongue back in. If the moment is right, it would be the purrfect time to snap a lolcat photo.

A Relaxed Cat

Cats sometimes have their tongue hang out while they are asleep. Their mouth is relaxed, slightly open and their tongue protrudes out, giving them a funny and silly look.

Medical Concerns

It is true that if cats constantly stick out their tongue, it is likely that they are not able to close their mouth due to a possible injury on the mouth or a breathing issue such as one that is caused by a respiratory problem. If that is the case, you should have your cat seen by a veterinarian.

Image: flickr 91RS

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