Why Does My Kitten Eat Adult Food

Why Does My Kitten Eat Adult Food


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Question from Amber:

Our kitten seems to be eating the adult food is that okay for him? And our adult cats keep eating the kitten food. Do you know why that is?

Answer from Amy:

Do you feed the cats together? If you do, when you feed them, do the adult cats take over the kitten's bowl first or the other way around? Or do your adult cats prefer the kitten food to their own food?

Sometimes cats eat off each other's food to show a sign of dominance. Other times it could be that they prefer that particular smell of food. Remember cats rely on their sense of smell strongly when it comes to tasting food.

In most cases, it is OK for adult cats to eat kitten food. Kitten food usually contains more protein and fat that little kittens need for their development. However, kittens should stick with kitten food until they reach adulthood so that they can obtain adequate nutrition necessary for them to build a strong and healthy body.

If your cats like to eat off each other's food, the best way to deal with it is elevate the adult feeding bowls to higher places where only your adult cats can reach. Another option is to feed them in separate rooms.

You can feed your kitten first, then tend to your adult cats later. Or you could feed them at the same time, but in 2 different places where they cannot interrupt each other.

You could however feed them premium food that is formulated for all ages. Felidae is a good one.

Hope it helps. Here is a kitty video for you :-):


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