Woman Finds Tiny Ball of Fluff In Rose Bushes, Chirping for Help...

Woman Finds Tiny Ball of Fluff In Rose Bushes, Chirping for Help...


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A kind woman from Pensacola, Florida found a tiny ball of fur curled up in the rose bushes in her backyard.

When she saw it breathing and whimpering, she couldn't believe what she found.

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

On June 25th, Sandi Zani opened her back door to let her cats into their screened patio (catio) when she heard a tiny cry that sounded like a bird.

"When it kept crying I went out to investigate and found a little ball of fluff in my rose bushes next to the catio. I have no idea how he got there as my yard is completely fenced in," Sandi told Love Meow.

The only place a cat could squeeze under is the gate which is on the opposite side of her yard. It's either that the mother cat tried to move her kitten but dropped him in the bushes or she left him there on purpose.

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

Sandi put the kitten in a box with a towel and raced to the store to get some kitten formula as the fur baby was too young to eat solid food. That night the little chirpy kitten finally got a full belly and a warm and comfortable bed to nestle in.

"His name is Kieran von Fluffypaws. I'm a huge Outlander fan and Kieran means black in Gaelic."

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

"I took him to my vet in the morning where they guessed he wasn't even two weeks old since he had no signs of teeth," Sandi told Love Meow.

The kitten needs to be bottle fed every 2 - 3 hours, Sandi's a good friend, Kimberley, is helping bottle feed and care for the kitten while she's at work at night. "I don't know what I would have done without her."

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

"The kitten is eating well. He was 7.5 ounces at the vet last Monday and 13.5 ounces on my kitchen scale today.

"My other cats (all rescues) have been very curious."

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

Just three months ago, one of Sandi's cats, Professor Jackson, crossed the rainbow bridge.

"I honestly think that Jackson sent the baby to me. He loved to smell the roses and is buried not far from where I found Kieran," Sandi told Love Meow.

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

Sandi made a tiny sweater with a sock to keep the kitten warm.

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

Now Kieran has a big family to cuddle with every day— two brothers and a sister - Pooter 12, Gilligan 7, and Sophia 16.

"Both of his brothers just showed up in my yard when they were around six months old. Sophia was found abandoned at my work," Sandi told Love Meow.

"I joke that I don't have to go to the shelter to rescue cats because they all seem to find me."

Sandi Zani @Pooter's Page

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