Woman Saves Half Frozen Kitten and Brings Her Back to Life, What a Difference a Few Days Make...


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It was a cold day when a young woman spotted a motherless kitten shivering in the middle of the road in bitter cold. She immediately rushed to save her.

Meet little Molly.

Penka Popova

The tiny kitten somehow got lost and separated from her mother and had been in the freezing weather for quite some time that she was found half frozen and barely moving.

"It was cold and she must have frozen in the night, probably spent the night away from her mother," Penka Popova told Love Meow.

The kitten was using the last bit of her energy to cross the road but was to no avail. It was a long way ahead of her, and the weather was treacherous for the little fur baby.

Penka Popova

"Her eyes were almost closed, and she wasn't meowing but making a very faint sound as if she didn't have any voice to cry."

Penka couldn't find the cat mother and the kitten needed immediate help, so she took her home, fed her kitten formula and set up a warm bed to help her survive.

Penka Popova

"She wouldn't have made it without help because of her being so young. After I put her on the electric heating pillow she started purring," Penka told Love Meow.

It was a sign of life that brought hope to the family. Penka got up every couple of hours that night to feed the kitten and did everything she could to give the kitten a fighting chance.

Penka Popova

After four days of sleepless nights, the kittens' eyes cleaned up and ears perked up.

Little Molly got up on her paws and started walking and exploring around the house.

Penka Popova

She discovered her new found energy and lots of kitten quirks.

Molly would curl up in her human's arms for naps and demand cuddles from her foster mom whenever she got a chance.

Penka Popova

Not only did her rescuer bring her back to life, but she brought back that playful, rambunctious side in little Molly.

Penka Popova

As the tabby girl grew bigger, her love for cuddles multiplied.

Penka Popova

It's been over a year since Penka found the little feline freezing in the cold. She's grown into a beautiful tabby gal and found a forever human mom that loves her to bits.

Molly cuddles with her every day and night just like how she cuddled with her rescuers after they saved her from the street.

Happy and loved!

Penka Popova

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