Woman Saw Kitten Fall Out from Under Car, Ran to Save Him!


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This tiny kitty, Ryder, was rescued on Monday, May 11, 2015 after a vet tech from Town N Country Animal Hospital in Burlington NC saw him fall out from under the car in front of her while she was driving to work.

She ran to save him! Little Ryder truly is a miracle!

Ryder the miracle kitty!

"She rescued him and took him to the vet and they contacted us. I went down to check on him and we accepted him into our program," said Sparkle Cat Rescue.

"He was very scared (as could be expected) and after a few hours he calmed down."

Sparkle Cat Rescue

"Everything is ok now."

Sparkle Cat Rescue

They used a syringe to help Ryder eat.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Watch video: This is Ryder playing with his foster mom for the first time!

At 10 weeks old he was a tiny boy at just 1.8 lbs.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

With kindness and a lot of love, Ryder has found his forever home!

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Watch video: Ryder thinks he's a big boy!

Update: Ryder is all grown up now living happily at his forever loving home!

Sparkle Cat Rescue

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