Wonderfulness of Companionship

Wonderfulness of Companionship


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When cats choose their humans, they will always be there for them whenever they need a paw. An illustrator depicted her cat and their wonderful companionship in the best way she knows how - drawings.

This happened one day...

She wrote on her tumblr: "On the day before my 10th birthday my dad was taking me to the grand opening of a new computer store downtown, and when we were in the car, he asked if I wanted a kitten. I was so excited I couldn’t even say yes; I had been asking for a cat for as long as I could remember.

We went to the Humane Society and they had a litter of striped kittens and I picked out the most adventurous one, who was climbing on the windowsill and staring at the dogs outside. She has been my loyal companion ever since. She turns 16 this year and she is still pretty healthy, though she is much lazier and doesn’t jump on things so much any more.

I have a cardboard box next to my bed that is there specifically as a 'stepping stool' to help her to get onto my bed.

...(this is) her and the wonderfulness of our companionship."

Photos via tumblr.

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