10+ Kitties Born with Cute Googly Eyes. Who Can Possibly Resist!

10+ Kitties Born with Cute Googly Eyes. Who Can Possibly Resist!


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These kitties were born with adorable googly eyes which gives them that extra special something to love. They can easily fool us with their gaze so we can't tell where they are looking at.

Some kitties have eyes slightly apart when they are little, but often grow out of it as they get bigger, but some are stuck with the cute derpy look. It'd take someone with incredible willpower to resist those adorable eyes! I know I can't.


This shelter kitty caught a volunteer's attention with those cute eyes.

Guinness the cat when he was 4 weeks old. "He had climbed up into the bumper of someone's car in my dorm parking lot. I shimmied under the car and pulled him out," Erin told Love Meow. "I decided to keep him and he is my absolute best friend in the world now."

Courtesy of Erin

Ariel likes to eat while standing in her food dish.


She was rescued along with her sibling by a good Samaritan.

Courtesy of Julie at flickr

Jarvis was spotted on the side of the road at 4 weeks old. What a handsome boy he's become!

Courtesy of Josh Norem at The Furrtographer

7 year old rescue stray Sally has a lazy eye and a few missing teeth, but she's full of personality!

Photo by Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Adorable little guy!

Photo: reddit

Photo: imgur

Photo: imgur

Photo: imgur

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