Amerigo the Little Furry Polydactyl Explorer

Amerigo the Little Furry Polydactyl Explorer


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Amerigo Vespucci the kitty lives up to his name. He has an explorer's heart and likes to climb and stride around on his polydactyl paws to navigate the new world.

Those big footsies make Amerigo more dexterous when he climbs his foster mom's jeans for that extra attention and better at pulling people's heartstrings when he waves those tiny toesies at them.

He is one of the three kittens born to a feral mama cat Heidi. A couple days ago, he just turned one month old and you can tell from his eyes that he is going to be a mischievous little one. It's amazing how much he's grown. In a month or two, Amerigo will be up for adoption to embark on a new happy adventure.

Photos courtesy of ©Jean the foster mom. Amerigo, his siblings and mama cat are located in New Prague, Minnesota. (More updates at flickr: wee3beasties)

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