Bundle of Energy, Kotetsu the Ginger Rescue

Bundle of Energy, Kotetsu the Ginger Rescue


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Kotetsu is one of the three rescues found outside. He is like a little person trapped inside a tiny cat's body. Kotetsu loves to get in the action with his humans. When the Play Station is on, he wants to be part of the gaming experience. If there is paper lying around, he will examine it with his teeth. When he sees a flailing string, he'd catch it and pull it with all his might.

It's hard to believe that he was once a homeless little guy who had no idea what his life might take him. Today he is packed with energy, fearless and loves to play. You can see mischief in his eyes and know that he is always planning for the next antic.

Kotetsu has learned to eat solid food, use the litter box and befriend other kitties. He is becoming the boss in the house and having the time of his life.

Photos courtesy of Yoppy.

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