Cat Experiences Feeling in Paralyzed Legs and Can't Believe it

Cat Experiences Feeling in Paralyzed Legs and Can't Believe it


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A tiny kitten was found paralyzed in his hindquarters. He was not able to move or feel his back legs when Whisker Stop, a rescue group in Rolla, Missouri took him in. A month later, this kitty surprised everyone with the progress he had made.

Meet Flynt the cat!

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

"Sweet little Flynt was surrendered to us by a good Samaritan, who knew he needed help," Kym McNulty, president of Whisker Stop told Love Meow.

"Flynt, was unable to use his rear legs or tail. He was suspected to have suffered a soft tissue injury, leaving him a paraplegic."

His caregivers saw that fighting spirit in him, and were determined to help him get better. A few weeks later, the little kitten made incredible improvement.

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

"With much TLC, exercise, massage and prayer, Flynt has shown signs of regaining use of muscles and feeling in his tail and legs," McNulty said.

"These things gave us and Flynt hope for further recovery."

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

"We have developed a rehab plan of care and there is much hope he can regain use of his back legs!"

Little Flynt also received specific foods and supplements to help him strengthen his muscles.

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

After several weeks of hard work, this happened. Flynt began to feel his hind legs and tail.

Watch video:

"His tickle and pain response is good, and the Alpha-Stim electro-therapy treatments will not be needed anymore!

"His nerves are working, so it's just a matter of reteaching his mind to move his muscles properly."

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

Flynt learning to stand like a champ!

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

"We are very hopeful that he will gain control of his bladder and bowels, and overcome his incontinence issues," McNulty said.

"His right leg is coming along as it should, while his left leg needs some extra help to create those new memories," April Springer, Flynt's foster mom, said.

Courtesy: Whisker Stop

Here's Flynt flying across the room in his custom wheelchair.

He is so playful that he just keeps running.

"He got several chiropractic adjustments. No more bicycle exercises, but new massage techniques. We will continue the swim sessions, the stands, and the wheelchair," Springer said. "(We are) all very hopeful and excited that Flynt has a chance to regain normal mobility," McNulty said.


Flynt knows he's a super kitty!

Flynt's Fan Club

What a handsome boy!

Flynt's Fan Club

Flynt's Fan Club

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