Cat Gives Kittens Unconditional Love, One of Them Clings to Her and Insists on Being Her Little Shadow

Cat Gives Kittens Unconditional Love, One of Them Clings to Her and Insists on Being Her Little Shadow


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A cat was rescued just in time so her kittens could be born in a safe home. One of them was very clingy and insisted on being her little shadow.

Mélia and Karine, twin sisters and volunteers of Austin Animal Center, took in a pregnant cat who needed a foster home. "She was so friendly. She constantly purred and made so many biscuits (kneading with her paws) even when she was drinking water," the sisters shared with Love Meow.

Soon after her arrival, the tabby cat, Aurora, went into labor. Her foster family was with her throughout the difficult delivery. Five of her kittens survived and began to thrive.

"This is the last time she will ever have to go through this, and I can't help but wonder what would have happened if she gave birth outside."

One of the kittens, Simba, quickly stood out from the rest of the litter. He was very clingy to his mom and always vied for her attention. While other kittens snoozed away in an adorable purr pile, he would get up to be with momma Aurora, nursing away in bliss.

The sweet tabby boy had many one-on-one feeding sessions with Mom (when the others were asleep), and he soon became the biggest baby of the bunch.

Aurora was a wonderful, doting mother to all her precious kittens, but Simba strived to be her most beloved fur child.

He was very attached and constantly tried to get his mom to notice him by crawling all over her or nipping on her ears.

"She was so patient and took such good care of her babies. She's also the friendliest cat and always wants to be petted and loved on," the sisters shared.

Whenever Aurora tried to have some me-time, she found a little shadow trailing behind. Little Simba insisted on being with his mom rather than snuggling with his siblings.

A few weeks into their development, the kittens started to run around the house like they owned it. Sweet Simba was never far from his mom.

He would spend most of his time next to her and sneak a snack from time and time, while other kittens were too busy roughhousing with each other, creating a ruckus.

Aurora adored her kittens, but Simba won her over with his constant endearment.

Watch Simba and Aurora in this cute video:

Cat mom and clingy

As soon as he figured out grooming, he would wash Mama's face, and give her love nips.

When it came time to look for their forever homes, a couple from Dallas fell head over heels for Simba and Aurora.

They knew they had to adopt them both, so the mother and son could stay together, forever.

The bonded pair found their dream family together, and so did Simba's siblings who went to good homes in pairs.

On their first day home, Simba (renamed Beau) cuddled up to his mom (renamed Serif) after a bit of exploring around. In no time, the duo claimed all the chairs in the office and became their humans most trusted feline supervisors.


It's been a few months since they found their perfect home, and Beau has caught up in size with his mom. They continue to shower each other with love and licks, and their bond has only gotten stronger.


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