Cat Seeking Attention Outside a Hotel is Ready to Leave the Outdoors Once and for All

Cat Seeking Attention Outside a Hotel is Ready to Leave the Outdoors Once and for All


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A cat who was seeking attention outside a Hampton Inn, was ready to leave the outdoors once and for all.

persian cat bowtieHampton the catCaitie's Foster Fam

Hampton the cat has used several of his nine lives braving the streets on his own. The long-haired Persian was never meant to live in the outdoors but somehow ended up without a home.

The scraggly cat meowed at passersby, pleading for help. "He went right up to people for food and pets and clearly just wanted to be saved," Caitie's Foster Fam shared. A few Good Samaritans who were in town visiting, knew they had to intervene.

They reached out to social media in hopes of getting the cat the medical attention he needed. Claudia, a foster volunteer of Caitie's Foster Fam, saw the post and sprang into action.

street cat hamptonHe was found outside a hotel meowing for attentionCaitie's Foster Fam

"I hopped in my car and drove there in less than 20 minutes. When I first saw Hampton, I was concerned for his health status," Claudia told Love Meow.

She noticed that his fur was severely matted, and it was pulling on his skin. He was also covered in fleas and dirt, and missing patches of fur.

stray cat hamptonCaitie's Foster Fam

"It looked like someone had attempted to help him out at some point and then stopped halfway through the process (or he likely ran away from them). He was miserable and his skin was very tender and sensitive. On top of all of this, he was very skinny."

Claudia was able to scoop him up from the parking lot and put him in a cat carrier for transport.

persian cat hamptonCaitie's Foster Fam

Hampton (named after the hotel) was very nervous at first, but by the time they got home, he was put at ease by a sense of familiarity as he stepped into a place that he'd longed for -- a roof over his head with food and comfort.

"He realized I was here to help, and he really let it sink in that his street life was finally over, especially the moment he realized he has his very own litter box," Claudia shared with Love Meow.

persian cat hamptonHe settled right into his new abodeCaitie's Foster Fam

Hampton was over the moon with all the amenities as if he'd been waiting for this moment for a long time. He began to relax and slow-blink at his foster mom as if to show his stamp of approval.

rescued cat hamptonCaitie's Foster Fam

Hampton was estimated to be 4-5 years old. After a much-needed spa day, he donned a cute lion cut and seemed happy and relieved for the change.

Claudia has been by his side every step of the way to ensure that he is doing well and never lacks an ounce of love.

cat head snugglesCaitie's Foster Fam

After a couple of weeks of healing, his health is back on the right track, and his personality is beaming through.

sweet cat hamptonCaitie's Foster Fam

"Hampton has put some weight on. His fur is growing back after getting groomed. He wakes up ready to start his day full of food and naps," Claudia told Love Meow.

cat hugging couchHampton is loving his new life as an indoor catCaitie's Foster Fam

"He is adjusting very well to living with my other animals. He loves stringy toys and naps in front of the window. He loves being held. As soon as you pick him up, he just sits perfectly calm and leans in to some head rubs."

persian cat with bowtieCaitie's Foster Fam

After those rough days roaming the streets, Hampton is relishing every moment with his human and fur friends in the comfort of a loving home.

then and now cat rescueHampton, then and nowCaitie's Foster Fam

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