Cat Stumbles Upon Kind Person at Gas Station and Leads Her to Where She's Hidden Her Kittens

Cat Stumbles Upon Kind Person at Gas Station and Leads Her to Where She's Hidden Her Kittens


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A stray cat stumbled upon a kind person at a gas station. The next day, she led her to the whereabouts of her kittens.

cat mom nursing kittensSapphire the catJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

One night about a month ago, Joni was at a gas station when she noticed a friendly stray cat scrounging around for food.

As a foster volunteer of her local rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, she immediately fetched some food from her car. The calico was delighted with the kind offer and scarfed it down.

"After giving her some affection, I could tell she recently had babies, so I started looking around, talking to employees, playing kitten/cat sounds on my phone, but no luck," Joni shared.

calico cat rescuedJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

It was late at night, and the gas station was at a very busy intersection. Concerned about the cat's safety, Joni made the decision to bring her in for the night and resume the search for any kittens the next morning.

The cat lovingly named Sapphire was pleased to tag along. She was all cleaned up, filled her belly to the brim and got some much-needed shut-eye on a warm bed.

gas station umbrellaSapphire led Joni to the whereabouts of her kittensJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

With the help of a kind neighbor, they scoured the area the next morning and afternoon, but to no avail. Around evening, it started pouring. "I thought I would need to close this chapter."

Joni brought Sapphire back to the gas station and hoped that this time, the cat would show her the way. Shortly after arriving, Sapphire headed towards a busy street with Joni on her heels. She suddenly stopped at the gas station sign and crawled and wriggled through the thick brush below.

cat nursing kittensThe cat mom and her kittens were reunitedJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

"Through the intermittent rain, thunder and lightning, I could hear the cries of her babies. This smart and resourceful mama had led me straight to her babies."

Joni placed an umbrella to cover the area of the makeshift nest, when she realized Sapphire was nursing her kittens. "I waited about 30 minutes before starting to tear out the underbrush to pull out mama followed by three beautiful babies still with their eyes closed."

cat mom nursing kittensSapphire settled in beautifully with her kittens at her foster homeJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

Sapphire and her precious trio departed the intersection that evening and embarked on a new journey to a loving foster home, away from the elements of the outdoors.

The sweet calico was pleased to have her kittens back by her side and so content during the entire car ride home.

ginger kittens snugglesJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

She continued to dote on her babies while showing Joni her gratitude through purrs and snuggles. "She is the sweetest and most loving cat I have ever seen."

Sapphire quickly settled into her new space in which there were food, fresh water and soft blankets aplenty.

cat mom nursing kittensJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

With the support of Good Karma Pet Rescue, Sapphire was vetted, and her kittens were treated for a mild eye infection. She will never spend another day hungry or worry about shelter for her kittens.

As the trio grew in size, their energy levels amplified. They started waddling about, figuring out how to balance and trying to venture outside their nest.

sweet ginger kittenJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

There are two orange tabbies and one calico, Sapphire's little mini-me. They are getting more playful, explorative and inquisitive, constantly keeping their mom on her toes.

Soon, the kittens will be romping and pouncing around the place, cavorting with each other as boisterous mischief-makers.

cute calico kittenJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

After having to fend for herself and birthing a litter near an intersection, Sapphire is so happy to be indoors, being cherished and adored without a care in the world.

sweet calico catJoni at Good Karma Pet Rescue

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