Cat Survived Flooding by Floating in Her Litter Box, Saved by Rescuers!


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A cat survived catastrophic flooding by floating in her litter box. When the rescuers found the crying cat, they looked into the wrecked home and couldn't believe what they saw.


Rescuers of Humane Society of Missouri found a cat in a flooded trailer in the Fenton, Missouri area. Investigators Brian Thomas and Patience Scanlon spotted the tortie cat who was floating in her litter box. They reached in through the window to retrieve the frightened cat.

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"The disaster team rescued four cats by boat, and the Humane Society of Missouri is providing emergency shelter for nearly 60 animals whose families were displaced by the flooding," HSMO said.

It's a story with a happy ending, according to HSMO the kitty has found her family!


Watch the entire rescue in this video:

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