Cat Walked Up to People for a Place to Stay, a Month Later, They Discovered She was Pregnant All Along

Cat Walked Up to People for a Place to Stay, a Month Later, They Discovered She was Pregnant All Along


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A cat walked up to people looking for a place to stay. A month later, they discovered she was pregnant all along.

calico cat nursing kittensMama Calico and her Kittens@kuwait_animal_aid

A calico cat was spotted meowing and walking up to people on the street, trying to get someone to notice her. Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid knew she had to help.

She and her team of volunteers have rescued countless homeless and abandoned animals from the streets. They were able to get the cat named Calico to safety and arranged for a foster home, so she could start a new life indoors.

That night, Calico had a full belly and fell fast asleep in the comfort of a soft bed, trying to catch up on lost sleep.

stray calico catCalico was found abandoned on the street@kuwait_animal_aid

It appeared that Calico had been abandoned not long before she was found by rescuers. She came with severe stomach issues and was extremely underweight at just 5.7 pounds.

"She was really skinny, even though she likely hadn't been on the street for long," Kristina, Foster Mom, shared with Love Meow.

stray calico catShe was just skin and bones when they found her@kuwait_animal_aid

Over the next few weeks, Calico was nursed back to health and gained a whopping three pounds. "This was the first time it crossed my mind to check for signs of pregnancy." As it turned out, Calico didn't come to the rescue alone.

She surprised everyone with how much her babies had grown in her womb over the span of a month.

calico cat momA month into foster care, they discovered she was pregnant@kuwait_animal_aid

Calico was completely relaxed knowing she was in good hands. She spent most of her time eating and sleeping.

Her appetite was voracious. She enjoyed multiple feasts and naps throughout the day while getting petted and loved on by her foster mom.

cat calico nursing kittensCalico brought six healthy kittens into the world@kuwait_animal_aid

On September 23, she gave birth to six healthy kittens and immediately dove into mommy duties. "She has been an amazing mama, around the clock," Kristina told Love Meow.

Kristina set up a nursery pen with a door only accessible to Mama Calico, so she could take a breather from nursing and replenish whenever she pleased.

calico cat nursing kittensShe is a doting cat mom@kuwait_animal_aid

"I observed her sometimes for hours, and it made me realize how good and caring she really is."

Despite Mama Calico tirelessly catering to all her babies, she was glad to get some help feeding her smaller fur kids. Kristina began supplementing the kittens every 2-4 hours with Calico right by her side.

snuggly cat kittens@kuwait_animal_aid

Mama Calico gives her litter of six their daily baths and snuggles, while she provides undivided attention and unconditional love.

If a kitten wanders off too far or makes a peep, she comes running and brings the baby back into the nest.

playful kittensHer kittens are growing by leaps and bounds@kuwait_animal_aid

"They talk to each other in chirps, where mama will say something and the kittens will squeak back."

The litter of six are officially one month old. Their eyes are wide open and they are constantly moving their legs, trying to explore. They feed off each other's energy and are honing the art of mischief-making.

curious tabby kitten cute@kuwait_animal_aid

The kittens are starting to learn to eat from a plate, lapping up the food like champs. Mama Calico is so proud watching them grow and thrive.

"They are happy, healthy and extremely lucky babies. They have the best mama."

happy calico cat kittens@kuwait_animal_aid

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