Cumin, a Therapy Cat

Cumin, a Therapy Cat


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Cumin, aka Ytti Bitty, Little Doll, etc., is an eleven-year-old (born 4/99 in a no-kill shelter). Jean and her husband adopted her when she was two. Cumin is a remarkable girl who loves visitors and attention, and because of her friendly personality and wonderful heart, she's become a therapy cat for nursing homes.

"Our church had a pet therapy group, and I knew I wanted a cat that could comfortably visit nursing homes. I e-mailed a cat rescue with 226 cats available for adoption and expressed my desire for a pet therapy cat. They chose two of their cats that grew up in the shelter (both born there to rescued pregnant strays) and participated in their own nursing home visits. I met the two cats, one a gorgeous black girl named Velvet and the other a beautiful tabby with white named Bootsie. Instead of making a decision, I deferred to their caretaker. She chose Bootsie for me," said Jean.

"In faith, I took that cat home trusting we would bond. . . I renamed her Cumin. She fit in beautifully with our existing cat and comfortably visited nursing homes as I had desired. I had not known a cat to run to the door to greet visitors, but Cumin saw that as her duty. She especially loved when we lived where kids came by on Halloween. . . so much petting!"

Cumin has not only brought a lot of love and laughter to the people at the nursing homes, she shares a special bond with Jean.

"Cumin and I bonded closely. Night after night we now have a variety of cats in our bed, but Cumin is always there without fail. She plasters herself up against me to sleep whether it is hot or cold. I love this girl so dearly. Out of all my older cats (Cumin is eleven), Cumin acts the most like a kitten. She never lost her desire to jump and run and play. . . what a precious doll she is to me!"

"Words can't describe how dear Cumin is to me," said Jean.

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

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