Daddy's Boy

Daddy's Boy


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Some people think cats are solitary animals that are not close to hoomans. We know that's far from the truth as today's story will prove.

Lawrence lives with his beloved kitty Eskybaby in Singapore. He is his best friend and companion.

"One word can sum up Eskybaby's personality that is "dog-like." He behaves just like a puppy. He craves for attention, cuddles and playtime. He follows me wherever I go in the house." Eskybaby would not let his hooman be out of his sight at all. He tags along with him as closely as he possibly can.

"Even when I am showering, he wants to be nearby, grooming himself and waiting for me to be done."

When it's playtime, Eskybaby likes to play fetch with Lawrence. He would go back and forth many rounds, frolicking and bouncing around like a little kid playing with his daddy.

Eskybaby loves to eat with Lawrence. He will sit next to his daddy, watching him eat while getting petted at the same time.

"Every morning, he meows to signal me to go to the kitchen with him. He will lead me there, but every now and then he will stop and turn to see if I am indeed following him. Initially I thought that his food bowl must be empty. Later I discovered that he had all the food in the bowl. He just wanted me to be there watching him eat and petting him."

"Eskybaby has certainly changed my life. He is my friend and my companion. I live alone and my life would be miserable without him by my side. I now look forward to going home everyday and spending time with him."

Photos courtesy of Lawrence (©eskybaby). Check out Eskybaby's blog here.

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