Former Stray Ginger Puffball

Former Stray Ginger Puffball


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Written by Opal Cat:

A friend of mine was leaving a bar in Cleveland and heard a little sound from behind the steps. There he was, this tiny puffball, all alone in a bad neighborhood known for stray cats. She took him home but couldn't keep him because her own cats were not friendly. I had three cats at the time, but told her I would take care of him until I could find another home for him, so she brought him to my house (after first taking him to the vet for tests). I think it took about 30 seconds for us to realize he wasn't finding "another home" once we had him at our house. He was just so much fun and so friendly and so playful. He was always ready to attack anything at any time for any reason (though never really in a way that hurt) and so we named him Ronon Dex after the character on Stargate: Atlantis who sort of has the same mindset. (This video was taken the day after he came to live with us)

He is now over a year and a half old and still has the same playful spirit. He is always going into what we refer to as "raar position" which is standing on his hind feet with both front paws up in the air. This is his trademark and his reaction to everything. It means he wants to play, usually. Which is most of the time.

Photos courtesy of ©Opal Cat. You can watch Ronon's videos at his YouTube channel.

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