Happy Cat Walks On Two Legs Like a Little Human

Happy Cat Walks On Two Legs Like a Little Human


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This fluffy cat is happily living his cat life on two legs.

Meet Pippin the cat!

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

This special little boy can walk around like a little human on his two hind legs.

"Pippin was born with radial hypoplasia, a rare disease that twisted the bones in his front legs," Pippin's human said (@my_cat_pippin).

"When he was born he couldn't walk, and the vet wasn't sure if he would survive."

With a lot of work and patience, not only was Pippin nursed back to health, but he thrived and even learned to adapt to living on two legs and is as happy and playful as any other cat.

"A baby photo of little Pip the day I rescued him! That basket helped him sit upright despite his arms and he slept in it until he physically couldn't fit anymore."

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

His front legs are bent inwards, but that doesn't bother him a bit. The little guy thinks he's purrfectly handsome the way he is.

Dapper little Pippin showing off his new tie.

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

Pippin contemplating about life.

He's a happy, joyous boy.

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

When it's bed time...

He likes to be tucked in and snuggle next to his humans.

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

When they are on the road, Pippin helps his humans navigate.

He can stand up tall and get a good view of what's ahead.

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

All that floof!

"Pip had too much breakfast."

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

"Bought a chair at Goodwill and I can't even use it because Pippin is in it all day..."

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

Nothing can slow down this happy fluffy boy.

Photo: @my_cat_pippin

Pippin running up the stairs like a pro.

Curious little guy.

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