He was the Runt, Now at 8 Months Maine Coon Kitten is Tiny No More!


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He was the runt of the litter, the smallest fur ball of five furry babies. But 8 months later, this kitty no longer tiny now!


His name is Sterling! When the family met this little guy, he was overshadowed by his much larger siblings, but tiny kitten was big in purrsonality and managed to steal the family's hearts.

Once they brought him home, he kept growing by leaps and bounds. Here are pictures of Sterling growing from a tiny fur baby to a majestic looking kitten. Yes, he is still a kitten despite the sheer size. The once runty kitty is certainly tiny no more!

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Sterling sharing a box with his siblings!


The first day he came to his new home. He was a bit coy.


Soon his Maine Coon mane started to sprout.


At 7 months, his weight tipped 11 lbs!


A month later... he's going on 11.5lbs right now.


Look at that magnificent tail! He's still a kitten and hasn't nearly done growing yet.


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