Blind Kitten Befriends Another Rescued Kitty Who Needed a Friend to Cuddle

Blind Kitten Befriends Another Rescued Kitty Who Needed a Friend to Cuddle


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A little blind kitten who was found as a singleton, met another rescued kitty. It was love at first sniff.

CatRescue 901

A tortoiseshell named Opal was brought to CatRescue 901 in Terrey Hills, Australia for a chance at a better life. She didn't have formed eyes and needed enucleation (eye surgery) to prevent infections.

Being blind has never bothered little Opal as it is the only world she knows. The tortie uses other senses to help her navigate, and she can play, jump and run just like any other kitten.

When she was medically clear, the rescue decided to pair her up with another kitten so she could have a friend to play with. That's when she met Aspen, a sweet tuxedo.

Opal the blind kittenCatRescue 901

Aspen who didn't like to be the sole kitten, was so happy when he was introduced to Opal. After a few sniffs and nose kisses, the two kittens hit it off and became fast friends.

He never cared that Opal is blind. He took to her immediately and just wanted to play and cuddle.

Aspen the tuxedo kittenCatRescue 901

Over the next few weeks, their bond continued to grow. Aspen who is three weeks older, became Opal's big brother, watching over her every step of the way.

The two best friends do everything together - playing, creating mischief around the house. When it's time for a nap, they will nuzzle up to each other and purr themselves to sleep.

Cuddly friendsCatRescue 901

"Both Aspen and Opal are the ultimate lap cats anyone could ever dream of," Yuki Chan, their foster mom, told Love Meow.

Opal has amazing hearing. She can keep up with her brother when they play or scamper around the house.

Opal the blind kittenCatRescue 901

"She has mind-mapped her safe area to perfection so she knows where everything is and runs around just as fast as Aspen."

Aspen is an adventurous boy and quite the cuddle-bug, but what he loves the most is being with his little sister. Whatever Opal is doing, he will come running and join in the fun.

Yuki Chan @tomonhajime

"They are very bonded despite being brother and sister from a different mother, and they will bring you many hours of love and joy," the rescue shared with Love Meow.

Watch the two best friends in this cute video:

Blind kitten bonds with another rescued

Aspen often offers himself as a pillow when they nap, and Opal adores him just the same.

Yuki Chan @tomonhajime

They came to the rescue as singletons and instantly connected when they met.

This perfect duo is loving their VIP life and can't wait to find a place to call their own.

Yuki Chan @tomonhajime

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