Tiny Kitten Drenched in Pouring Rain Grabs onto Woman and Strives for Better Life

Tiny Kitten Drenched in Pouring Rain Grabs onto Woman and Strives for Better Life


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A kitten was found soaking wet in the rain. He bounced back on his paws and was determined to thrive.

Sweet little tuxedo kittenNadija

A Good Samaritan from Florida spotted a tiny 2-week old kitten outside, drenched in the pouring rain. He was all alone without a mother or siblings and in need of some immediate help.

The woman rushed to his rescue, scooped him up, placed him in her shirt and tried to dry him off. The palm-sized tuxedo was cold and hungry but showed so much fight in that tiny body.

He clenched his little paws, holding his rescuer's shirt for warmth while they headed home together.

kitten found in rainHe was found in the pouring rain when he was two weeks oldNadija

After getting all dried and cozied up, the kitten took to his bottle like a champ and was eager for affection. He was so happy to be safe and comfy, and rested a ton, making up for lost sleep.

Knowing that he would need round-the-clock care and medical attention, the woman reached out to several rescue groups for assistance.

rescued kittenThe Good Samaritan placed him in her shirt to keep him warmNadija

"The Good Samaritan fed him proper milk with a kitten bottle per her vet's recommendation," Nadija, foster volunteer of AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue, shared with Love Meow. "Thankfully, our rescue had an open foster home, and the same day he moved in."

The little ball of fur was so pleased to have a dedicated person to cater to his every need.


After two weeks in foster care, the tuxedo boy was transferred to Nadija's for treatment and socialization.

"He is covered in ringworm but thankfully it doesn't bother him one bit as ringworm is not painful. We are treating it with medicated baths and topical creams, and anticipate he will be over it in a few weeks."


The little guy is given plenty of nutritious food and all the love and cuddles he desires. He gets very excited when his foster mom comes in with the bottle, and eats with such vigor while he wiggles his ears intently. He loves his food so much that he won't let a drop go to waste.

While Nadija spends ample time with the tuxedo boy, the kitten yearns and cries for constant attention.

bottle kittenHe loves his bottle and eats like a champNadija

To help the little guy not feel alone, Nadija has gifted him a plush toy with a heartbeat, so he will always have a cuddle buddy to keep him company.

The kitten has put on weight, gained lots of energy and discovered his mischievous side. "He is a sassy little man, loves his bottle very much and wrestling with his stuffed heartbeat puppy," Nadija shared with Love Meow.

tuxedo kitten sweetHe has a cuddle toy with a heartbeat to keep him companyNadija

"He purrs loudly during his feedings and right after, and enjoys stumbling around exploring his surroundings."

In just a few weeks, the tuxedo has grown by leaps and bounds and flourished into a healthy kitty with big ears. He is getting more playful, curious and adventurous, and his personality is emerging.

The tuxedo kitten enjoys all the pets and belly rubsNadija

After a rough start to life, the kitten bounced back like a little warrior, and is striving to grow big and strong.

"Little man is doing so well and is cute as a button."

sweet tiny kittenHe is happy and lovedNadija

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