Kitten Found Outside Alone, Cuddles Family’s Dogs and Won't Let Go


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A days-old kitten was found abandoned outside. A family's dogs took him in as their own.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

Two months ago, a family from Florida came across an online plea about a newborn kitten that needed help. He was found all alone without a mother and siblings. Beth Walden and her daughter immediately reached out to help.

They picked him up the next day and realized he was in poor shape and had to be fed right away. They drove to the nearest store and got some food and supplies.

The kitten had his first meal in a parking lot. He perked up right afterwards. They kept him warm with a blanket, and he fell asleep in their arms.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

They named the kitten Mr. Tiny Pants. "His eyes were not open and his umbilical cord was still attached," Beth told Love Meow.

Beth's family has several dogs. The kitten's tiny squeaks quickly piqued their interest. Under supervision, the canines came to meet their little feline friend.

Salvador the dog took to him right away and decided to be his designated bodyguard.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

When the kitten was crying, they came running.

Mr. Tiny Pants grew very fond of his canine friends and constantly demanded their attention. "The first week, it seemed like if he wasn't sleeping, he was meowing. I felt like he was looking for his mom and siblings," Beth said.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

"I'm trying my hardest to make sure whatever he does from now on is fantastic."

The kitten continued to make strides, and over the next few weeks, he grew by leaps and bounds. When he was big enough to spend more time with his canine friends, they began to cuddle, all the time.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

The kitten would purr himself to sleep in a cuddle puddle, and wouldn't want to nap anywhere else.

His dog buddies are very protective of him, especially Salvador.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

When he plays and scampers around the house, Salvador is watching over him every step of the way.

"He's growing so fast that sometimes I forget how small he still is," Beth said.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

Beth often comes into the room to find them snuggling like this. Mr. Tiny Pants adores his canine friends and is thriving having them around.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

He's very tiny in comparison to the dogs, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality and energy.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

Mr. Tiny Pants has come a long way since he was rescued from an uncertain fate.

He's happy, cuddly and thinks he's part canine.

Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

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