cats with crazy ear tufts

These 7 Kitties Have Some Serious Ear Floofs


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Some cats have fluffy ears, but these seven kitties have grown some seriously crazy ear floods. Their larger-than-life-fluff is getting out of control.

The tufts are so extreme that they look like fiery flames!

Photo: aaavril

"The shelter isn't sure what she is, but I'm pretty certain she's at least part Norwegian Forest Cat even though she's tiny," tikitessie said.

Her ears have such long fluffs that they can go on forever.

Photo: tikitessie

Photo: tikitessie

Photo: tikitessie

Bongo, a rescue kitty with amazing ear tufts.

Photo: Betsy Merchant

That ear hair flare!

Photo: mariahwould




Molly the kitten. Her ears are hidden in all the floofs.

Molly the cat

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