Kitty Found His Human Mom When She was Pregnant. Now He and the Little Baby are Inseparable!


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A tabby kitten found his human mom when she was 5 months pregnant. Now months later, the kitty and his little human sister are inseparable.

Kitty fell in love with his baby sister after she was born. He snuggled up to his humans for a group nap.

She rescued a tiny kitten and became the mother he never had. "I kept him with me 24/7 until he was big enough to fend for himself... So he's very attached," reddit user RottedPumpkinHarvey said.

"While pregnant I was never around the cat litter, I am not worried about infection. To each their own, this is how I am choosing to raise my child, whether it is insanely cute or not has nothing to do with the fact that they have developed an unbreakable bond and friendship," she added.

"This is their day-to-day life. I don't think I could keep them apart if I tried," the mom wrote via reddit.


"My daughter does often get fur stuck to her drooly hands and mouth when playing with him, we just wipe it off and go on. A little dirt (or fur) don't hurt."


Even when she is eating, she doesn't forget to pet her best buddy.


They snuggle up like this all the time and can't stand being away from each other.


Kitty keeps his baby sister company when she plays.


When baby takes a bath, kitty comes over to make sure everything is ok.


There's not a moment they aren't together!


Best friends for life!


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