Mabel the Sweet SPCA Ginger Kitten

Mabel the Sweet SPCA Ginger Kitten


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Jill Hudgins and her family have fostered many small kittens for the local SPCA. They keep the fur babies until they weigh enough (2 lbs 4 oz) to be adopted.

"It is hard to let them go but I feel good knowing that we gave them a good start to life and they didn't have to grow up in a tiny metal cage."

Thank you to Jill Hudgins and people like her who are helping these kitties and preparing them to be ready for their forever homes.

Here are photos of Mabel, one of the kittens that Jill fostered.

"Mabel was part of a wild cat colony living in a barn. She was really nervous at first but she's turned out to be such a sweetheart."

Photos by Jill Hudgins

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