Man Saves Kitten from Run-down Building Before Approaching Hurricane Arrives

Man Saves Kitten from Run-down Building Before Approaching Hurricane Arrives


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On Tuesday, Reece Newman was on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, helping a friend with his boat before the approaching Hurricane Florence arrived.

Suddenly, he heard a kitten's cries coming from the distance.

Reece Newman

"I took a few steps toward the loud screams and could tell they were coming from an old dilapidated building close by," Newman told Love Meow.

He walked over to investigate. While he traced the source of the cries, he found a tiny kitten all alone between some old boards. "The kitten saw me and was screaming louder."

Newman looked around the area for other kittens but couldn't find any or a cat mother. He knew that he had to take the kitten somewhere safe.

Reece Newman

"I just couldn't leave the kitten there, especially with the approaching Hurricane Florence," he added.

Newman gently scooped up the tiny bundle of fur and rushed her to the vet.

The kitten was determined to be just three weeks old and weighed only nine ounces. At that age, she needed to be bottle fed and Newman gladly took on the task.

"I've decided to foster her at least until the hurricane is over but she may be part of our rescue cat family," Newman told Love Meow.

Reece Newman

The little tabby girl now has a safe place to stay with Newman, his wife and two other cats, Bridger and Grouper.

"We have named the kitten Florence after the hurricane."

Reece Newman

The kitten is eating well and thriving in foster care. She clings to her rescuer after every meal and purrs herself to sleep.

She's happy to be safe and loved.

Reece Newman

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