Maru and Pokke are Safe After the 8.9 Earthquake in Japan, Cat Island is Near Epicenter


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We are happy to learn that Maru, Pokke, Meme and the Momo rescue group are safe after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Also, we just got a message from Poteto's dad that they are doing fine. We are still trying to contact Shironeko, we just got an update that he and his family are safe!. We are sending our prayers and purrs to all the furry friends and people in Japan. Our hearts go out to them.

Edit: Power is out in many places in Japan including where Maru resides, but they are doing fine.

Updates from ARK, an animal rescue group in Japan.

The cat island also named Tashirojima is near Sendai - [edit] we just received updates regarding the island. We are praying that all the cats knew it ahead of time and made it to safe places.

You can help by visiting Red Cross.

Updates from Maru, updates from Pokke, updates from Momo rescue group, updates from Poteto, updates from Meme.

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