Senior Cat Regains Mobility In Her Legs to Walk Again - She Can't Stop Cuddling Her Rescuers.

Senior Cat Regains Mobility In Her Legs to Walk Again - She Can't Stop Cuddling Her Rescuers.


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A 13-year-old tabby cat suddenly lost mobility in her hind legs. When she arrived at an animal hospital, she was dragging her back legs, trying to move.

This affectionate feline never stopped asking for cuddles. Meet Charlie!

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

Charlie was brought into The Cat Doctor, a feline-focused veterinary hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in February after she suddenly lost the use of her hind legs.

"We initially thought she had a saddle thrombus (a condition in which a blood clot gets lodged at the base of the aorta and cuts off blood supply to both hindlimbs) which carries a poor prognosis," Miriam, a vet tech of The Cat Doctor, told Love Meow.

Once they examined the tabby and ran some diagnostics, they were able to rule out an underlying cardiac disease. Her X-rays showed that she most likely has intervertebral disc disease, a serious condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae either bulged or burst.

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

"Because we were not sure how she would respond to treatment and her previous owner was older with mobility issues of his own, he was not sure that he could properly care for her and give her the support she needed. He also lived in a home with many stairs and was worried that she would injure herself further if she were to go back home."

The Cat Doctor was happy to take her in and make her one of their resident cats so she could get the best care for her needs.

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

Charlie didn't let anything stop her despite her mobility issues. (Scroll down for full video)

They provided her a wheelchair, but Charlie wanted nothing to do with it. She would rather walk on her own. "She had so much spark and determination in her."

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

A few weeks later, Charlie surprised everyone with the incredible progress she had made - the tabby girl had gone from dragging her back legs to walking on four paws.

"To our amazement, after a few weeks on steroids and pain medication she began to walk. Initially she stumbled frequently but she started using her hindlimbs more and more," Miriam told Love Meow.

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

"She now pretty much walks on her own and rarely has a stumble. She loves to be pet and loves to sit on your lap! She also loves treats!"

Charlie was practicing her walk at the hospital with cheers from the staff! The sweet senior cat was so determined! "We definitely think the medications helped reduce any inflammation she had in her spine, and of course, the cuddles couldn't hurt."

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

The sweet tabby has been an avid purrer and cuddler since day one. No one can escape some lovin' from the snugglebug. "She can sit on your lap forever and purrs and drools while making muffins. She will be very devoted to her human," Miriam told Love Meow.

Charlie has made stunning progress and has been walking around a lot lately. They believe that the senior cat would be much happier as the primary cuddler in a loving home of her own.

She loves cuddles and she loves food!Supplied by The Cat Doctor

"She is not a fan of other cats, which is why we're hoping to find her a home with no other pets (and why a cat hospital is not the best long term home for her) as she likes to be the queen. She will also need medication likely lifelong but we are weaning her off to see how she might do without! She would ideally be in a home with no stairs or very few stairs," Miriam told Love Meow.

"Charlie has been doing really well, and we are hoping to find a special home that can accommodate her needs."

Supplied by The Cat Doctor

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, message The Cat Doctor on Facebook.

Watch Charlie the cuddlebug in this cute video:

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