Opal the Kitten from Shelter to Forever Home

Opal the Kitten from Shelter to Forever Home


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Opal came from a rescue stray cat who spent a lot of time in someone's backyard. When her belly got bigger, they called the shelter to come to the rescue.

This rescue cat mama gave birth to Opal and four other tiny ones. Opal, perhaps the fluffiest one of the bunch, has grown into a beautiful lady cat. Those ears have gotten bigger and perkier.

Opal opened her eyes to see the world for the first time

She is very clingy to her mom...

...and her siblings

Opal's ears got bigger and perkier

Adopted today!

Photos courtesy of ©Christine Gittings (flickr: gittingsc). Opal and her furry family have all been adopted thanks to Toronto Cat Rescue.

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