Pixel and Sprite Ginger Kittens

Pixel and Sprite Ginger Kittens


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Sprite and Pixel found their parents through an adoption event. Both of them are ginger tabby kittens who love to perch on their parents laps.

"When we were picking up the kittens, we decided against getting one of the various cat furniture things, but after we played with them and saw how much they liked to climb on us and perch on our laps, we decided to go back out and buy a little "treehouse" type thing with some built-in rope scratching posts."

The kittens were extremely playful and curious about every little thing in the house when they first arrived in their new home.

One evening "Sprite stuck his head into his daddy's water glass, but after a little while he had grown bored of examing the glass in detail," so his daddy "threw one of their rattle toys into the glass to entice them." Both of the kitties stayed to continue their investigation.

Pixel and Sprite are very close to their daddy. They love to hang out and snuggle up against him when he naps.

Photos courtesy of Jezlyn.

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