Preemie Kitten Born Two Weeks Early, Half the Size of Other Kitties. Boy! Isn't He a Fighter!


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This little buddy was born just half the size of an average kitten, the only survivor in his litter of five. No one knew if he would make it for a week, but this little preemie baby is nothing short of a miracle.

Born only half the size of an average kitten. This is him next to a 1ml TB syringe.

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

A newborn kitten weighs 3.5 oz. right at birth, but little Astaire was born two weeks early and only weighed about 53 grams.

"Meet little Astaire, as in Fred Astaire. He was named that by his foster mom, Jill L. who says we will be dancing as fast as we can to save this little peanut," CATS Cradle Shelter shared with Love Meow.

"He is the only surviving kitten born in the pound from a litter of 5 kittens. He seems to be premature and weighed in at a mere 53 grams. That is HALF the size of an average newborn kitten so he has some catching up to do."

2 weeks later, Astaire is eating well and putting on grams!

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

Jill gave the little teeny baby sub q fluids and syringe fed every two hours around the clock. "I cannot express enough how much work it is for Jill to keep these babies alive, but if anyone can do it...she can! She is an amazing foster who puts her life on hold every day to keep these little guys like Astair alive."

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Still very tiny, but Astaire is quite a fighter!

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

At 4 weeks! Astaire is finally bigger than the syringe :).

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

He's learned to walk around the house, waddling about!

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

He's still a teeny tiny kitty who has a lot of growing up to do!

Photo: CATS Cradle Shelter

Watch video: Astaire first day at CATS Cradle Shelter to now!

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