Shelter Cat and Dog were Looking for Homes, But They Found Each Other


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A cat and a dog from two separate shelters were looking for their forever homes, but they found each other.

Courtesy of Amie89

Smokey spent half of his life in the shelter before he met his human mom.

"I got Smokey when he was 12 months old and he had been in the RSPCA for six months," reddit user Amie89 told Love Meow.

"He was all the staff members favourite. I actually went to the shelter looking for a kitten but he was too lovely I had to take him home."

Courtesy of Amie89

"He was loving straight away, sleeping on my chest immediately and purring like mad."

Courtesy of Amie89

She found Kaiser the German Shepherd a month later in the pound who desperately needed a home.

The two buddies were both given up to the shelters and are about the same age. After they met, they seemed to understand each other and shared a very special connection.

"Four years on and they still occasionally play fight but mostly cuddle. Smokey will commonly go and snuggle up with Kaiser. They're the cutest. Kaiser is very aware he is a lot bigger, and is very gentle with Smokey."

Courtesy of Amie89

They never nap without each other.

Courtesy of Amie89

Four years since they found each other.

Courtesy of Amie89

Best of friends!

Courtesy of Amie89

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