Stray Kitten Follows Family Home and Dives into Their Embrace When They Get Her Off the Streets

Stray Kitten Follows Family Home and Dives into Their Embrace When They Get Her Off the Streets


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A kitten followed a family home from a park, and dove into their arms when she realized she no longer had to roam the streets.

stray cat kittenSnowy the stray kittenCaroline Grace

A family from Los Angeles noticed a stray kitten at their neighborhood park a few weeks ago. She was very shy and kept her distance from everyone until about a week ago—the kitten mustered enough courage and approached the family.

She let her human friends (a mother and two children) pet her and dote on her at the park, and followed them all the way home. The family offered the kitten some food and water, and the feline warmed up to them even more.

The children lovingly named her Snowy, and the kitten decided to stick around in their backyard as she began to enjoy the food and attention.

She showed up at a neighborhood park over a month agoCaroline Grace

"Soon she was purring and giving them head butt kisses. My sister (the mother) told me about Snowy and asked if I would come help her," Caroline Grace shared with Love Meow.

Caroline, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, went to their house last Friday and was greeted by a shy young cat. Beneath that timid exterior was a love-bug eager for affection.

stray kitten catThe kitten followed the family she befriended all the way homeCaroline Grace

"Snowy was a little unsure about me at first, but after a few minutes, she came up to me and started purring when I pet her. I knew I could not leave her outside any longer," Caroline told Love Meow.

The kitten let them scoop her up and place her in a cat carrier, as if she knew she was in good hands. She was estimated to be six months old at the vet, and didn't have a microchip.

adorable catSnowy is so happy to be off the streetsCaroline Grace

"My sister and her neighbors posted all over the neighborhood and social media trying to find Snowy's owner for over a month, but no one claimed her. She is so sweet, loving and easy going. She was definitely once someone's pet," Caroline shared.

Watch the kitten's journey in this video:

Stray cat finds perfect family to help

The kitten was over the moon when she stepped paw into Caroline's home. Her beautiful personality came out in full swing.

"When I brought her home I was worried she might be scared in a new place. But as soon as I let her out of the carrier, she climbed into my lap and started purring. She knew she was safe and loved," Caroline told Love Meow.

sweet stray catShe fills her room with purrs and makes the cutest biscuitsCaroline Grace

She rubbed her face on Caroline while doing tippy-taps with her front paws. She was overflowing with affection and so thrilled to be loved, inside a home again.

"Snowy is also very playful and loves to chase, run, climb and jump. She has the loudest, most active purr. She loves face rubs, chin scratches and back scratches. She loves to nestle into my lap and give head butt kisses," Caroline shared with Love Meow.

Snuggling with her foster momCaroline Grace

"She is such a sweet girl and deserves the best life full of safety, happiness, full bellies and love. I will do everything I can to find her the most amazing forever home, where she is loved and cherished for the rest of her life."

Caroline Grace

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