Stray Kitten Found Sitting Alone in Yard Gets Help to Thrive

Stray Kitten Found Sitting Alone in Yard Gets Help to Thrive


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A kitten who was found meowing in a yard, was so happy when a rescuer brought her to safety.

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Marimon, an animal rescuer based in Japan, was contacted about a kitten found outside of a residence. The little tabby was all by herself and very shy. She was first spotted in the morning when they heard her cries, and later returned that evening.

The kitten seemed to be calling for her cat mom who was nowhere to be found. Marimon immediately took action knowing the little tabby needed help.

"Once I learned that the kitten was found in the same area as mine, I went there with a humane trap and set it up outside," Marimon shared with Love Meow.

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"In the middle of the night, we got the kitten. She was given the initial medical treatment and then I took her over into my care. I couldn't leave her out there fending for herself."

The little tabby was estimated to be around two months old. She was very tiny and so hungry that she devoured all the food her belly could possibly pack in.

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After eating to her heart's content, she started to warm up to her rescuer as she realized that she was finally safe. The kitten was exhausted after a long ordeal. She could finally get some shut-eye and catch up on lost sleep.

"She started to open up to me and even fell asleep while I was petting her," Marimon said.

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The kitten came out of her shell and began to enjoy life as an indoor cat. She made it her mission to never be alone again and would cry nonstop until she was held or cuddled.

After getting a clean bill of health from the vet, they knew just the perfect friend to introduce her to. Marimon's resident cat, Sol-kun, has a soft spot for kittens especially those in need.

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Sol-kun gets excited every time his human brings home fosters. He insists on helping with the kittens and showering them with love.

Needless to say, Sol-kun took the little newcomer under his wing and started grooming her. The tabby girl was a bit unsure at first about this big kitty who was thrice her size, but she was quickly won over by his nurturing nature and walked up to him for some extra tender loving care.

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Watch the kitten's journey in this video:

Stray kitten gets help just in

With help from the resident cat, the kitten really blossomed. Marimon wanted to find her a home with a constant companion so she would never feel alone.

A young woman, who was looking for a friend for her cat, came to meet the little tabby one day. The sweet kitten crawled onto her lap and went right to sleep as if to say, "you have been chosen."

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The former stray graduated from her foster home and went on to live with her forever family. She quickly settled into her new home, claiming every spot in the house.

They named her Hana. After a meet-and-greet with her new feline sibling, she went to the cat feeder and tried to sneak a snack.

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Every day, Hana grew fonder of her big sister, and before they knew it, the two were cuddling with each other and napping together.

They are now completely inseparable. Hana looks up to the big kitty and follows her everywhere around the house like a little shadow.

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After a rough start to life, the tabby girl has found her dream home with the perfect friend she always wanted.

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