They Thought They Rescued a Stray Cat But Ended Up with Five!


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Sometimes when stray cats find you, they might bring along a few little surprises! This is exactly what happened to this family.

"We found a stray cat, Libby, and brought her home. She ate a lot and her belly got bigger and bigger," the family wrote. "Eventually we realized it was not just the kibble that was making her fat. On March 15, 2015 Libby presented us with four beautiful baby kittens."

Watch this cute video: "Here at two and a half weeks old, one of the babies is starting to practice his cat skills: licking and sniffing. He is super-adorable with his little fat tummy. Don't you just want to poke it?"

At 3 weeks old, Ben is just figuring out how to drink from a dish on his own. Watch his video to see his hilariously adorable method!

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