Tiny Tripod Kitty Finds a Second Chance

Tiny Tripod Kitty Finds a Second Chance


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Sam the kitten never knows what it is like to have four paws. He was found when he was around 3 weeks old, missing a foot, but this little rambunctious kitty never thought he was any different. "By the time he was 8 weeks he was cruising around and keeping up with his siblings like a pro," said reddit user mwbrjb.

"I fostered him and his siblings for a few months…. He was adopted out… 10 weeks after I found him… and a few months later the same family noticed his brother still needed a home so they adopted him, too. He's happy and healthy," she said on reddit.

Sam was found under a porch in Chicago. He was missing a foot. This is after the vet.

Photo by reddit user mwbrjb.

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