Cat Cuddles Shy Kitten After He Was Found Wandering the Streets Alone

Cat Cuddles Shy Kitten After He Was Found Wandering the Streets Alone


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A cat came up to a shy kitten and helped turn his life around.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

A 6-week-old kitten was spotted wandering the streets, all alone. He was taken into a shelter in Los Angeles, in need of rescue. The little stray was in rough shape with a severe upper respiratory infection.

Best Friends Animal Society took him into their care and nursed him back to health. They named him Finn. Despite being a bit timid and guarded, he didn't want to be alone.

Aly W, a foster volunteer from Best Friends, stepped up to help. She brought him home and knew just the perfect friend to introduce to him.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

Her cat Z (aka Zephyr) has been a great help every time she brings home foster kittens. "He is my foster fail kitty and has been with me since he was five weeks old," Aly told Love Meow.

"He has a big heart and lots of patience for tiny kittens."

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

When Finn arrived, he was very shy and unsure about his surroundings. The kitten stayed in his crate and didn't have the courage to come out and explore.

Z caught wind of the newcomer and immediately came running. He poked his head into the crate to greet the kitten. After a few nose kisses, Finn who was a bit apprehensive, couldn't resist the love.

Slowly but surely, he began to come around.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

Having a confident feline friend around really put the little one at ease. Finn looked up to Z and followed him everywhere around the house.

"Within a week, Z helped him come out of his shell."

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

The tabby taught the kitten how to cat and helped hone his feline skills. Finn would observe everything his buddy did and try to copy it the best he could.

Z let the kitten comfort-nurse on him despite not having any milk.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

Watch Z and Finn in this cute video:

Kitten and cat - foster

When Z climbed the cat tree, the kitten immediately followed suit.

When they were done playing, creating antics around the house, Finn curled up next to the big kitty and purred himself to sleep.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

"He found comfort in Z's chubby belly and just started purring," Aly said.

The tabby cat brought out the confidence in Finn and showered him with love and cuddles.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

Over the next two weeks, the kitten learned to trust and blossomed into a cuddle-bug.

It was then they knew Finn was ready for his next chapter in life.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

A few days before Christmas, a family came to visit the ginger kitten. They were instantly smitten. "Finn fell asleep in his new dad's lap when they came to see him. It was meant to be."

The once timid kitten has turned into a happy, confident cat. Finn adores his new family and can't get enough of cuddles from them.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

"His mom and dad love him dearly, and he has a new older brother (also a rescued cat). They instantly bonded," Aly told Love Meow.

Z is so proud of his little protégé. He is now helping other foster kittens in need.

Aly W @_hellokirosrescue

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