Stray Cat Had Kittens in Woodpile - Woman from Out of State Won't Leave Them Behind

Stray Cat Had Kittens in Woodpile - Woman from Out of State Won't Leave Them Behind


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A woman rescued a feline family from living in a woodpile so they could get a chance at a better life.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

Kendra Kelly from New Jersey was visiting her in-laws in Ohio when she came across a feline family of six that needed help. The cat mom showed up as a stray a while ago, wandering the streets every day until she met Liz, Kendra's mother-in-law.

Liz couldn't bear seeing the cat go hungry but wasn't able to bring her home as a pet. She began to feed her and later named her Banshee.

"Banshee roamed around the neighboring farms. She became pregnant and gave birth in a woodpile near the border of the neighbor's farm," Kendra told Love Meow.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

When the farmer discovered the kitties, he planned to have them removed. "He had been complaining about the cats chasing his chickens. My mother-in-law convinced him to leave them alone until our visit."

When Kendra arrived, she began calling local shelters hoping to get the little family into a safe home. Most shelters in the area were either full or had limited resources to keep the kitties.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

Knowing the outdoor environment was not safe for the kittens and the mom and no one could take them in, Kendra stepped up to help.

"I knew I'd just have to bring them home," Kendra added.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

Watch this sweet little family in this video:

Woodpile kittens

She got in touch with Jersey Kitty Nonprofit in Jersey City, and they immediately offered to help. Kendra and her family volunteered to foster the kitties so they could leave the street life behind and be in a safe, warm home.

After a 10-hour drive to New Jersey, the mama and her kittens settled right in to their new foster home.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

"You'd never guess Banshee had been semi-feral, she's so friendly and sweet, and not bothered by us handling her kitties at all," Kendra said.

"They have settled right into my son's bedroom, and seem happy and healthy."

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

The kitties are thriving in a clean, comfortable home environment where food is always plentiful and cuddles abound. The kittens are getting bigger and more playful each day, and mama Banshee couldn't be happier.

Once the kittens are big enough, the family of six will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

The sweet cat mom who has been on the streets most of her life, will have a place and humans to call her very own.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

Kendra never thought she would find six kitties and bring them home across a few states. Knowing they are thriving in foster care, it makes everything worthwhile.

"I'm enjoying them being here so much. It's my first time fostering, and it's been an amazing experience," Kendra told Love Meow.

Kendra Kelly @arianna.kay.3

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