Family Rescued Kitten from Parking Lot Just in Time and Found Another Kitty to Be Her Friend

Family Rescued Kitten from Parking Lot Just in Time and Found Another Kitty to Be Her Friend


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A family found a kitten abandoned in a parking lot and rescued her from an uncertain fate.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

Late July, a family had just arrived at a parking lot in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin when they spotted two abandoned kittens there. One sadly didn't survive the busy traffic.

They immediately rushed to rescue the other kitten before anything could happen to her, and took her home to safety.

The family happens to be volunteers for Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary (in Green Bay, Wisconsin). They reached out to their rescue group and brought the kitten in for a checkup.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

The little one was a bit shaken after the ordeal but so glad to be in safe hands at last. They got her all cleaned up and wrapped her up in a large soft towel.

The sweet kitty felt snug and comfortable, cuddling with her rescuer.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

They named her Gladys and that night she went home with her foster family.

She fell asleep snuggling with her human friend. The little girl was so grateful to have a safe home and eager to be loved.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

After a tough beginning, Gladys could finally relax. She no longer worried about shelter and food and just wanted to cuddle.

She curled up in her foster dad's lap for some extra TLC.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

The kitty really missed having a sibling. Knowing Gladys would do better with a feline friend her age, they had a plan just for her.

A few weeks before they found Gladys, they took in another kitten named Kenzie.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

Kenzie was found on the side of the road one morning late June. She was in rough shape and had a severe eye infection that took over two weeks to treat.

A dedicated volunteer nursed her back to health. The calico purred through everything and overcame many hurdles with her incredible resolve.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

When the two kitties were introduced, they just hit it off, playing and chasing with each other like litter mates.

"Our two orphans made friends over the weekend in their foster home. Gladys is healthy, hydrated, and is now growing nicely," Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary wrote.

"These two tough ladies have been through a lot recently. We've got some strong kitties on our hands."

The family rescued the parking lot kitten just in time, and now she has a loving foster home, a new sister and many warm laps to sit on.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

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