Feral Kittens Appear Outside a Cat Sanctuary, Not Knowing Their Lives are About to Change

Feral Kittens Appear Outside a Cat Sanctuary, Not Knowing Their Lives are About to Change


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Two feral kittens appeared outside a cat sanctuary, not knowing that their lives were about to change.

fluffy tabby kittensSour Patch and HariboAsa

Staff at a cat sanctuary took in a feral cat that showed up at their door, begging to get in. Once the cat was safe and settled, they noticed two kittens outside looking for their mom.

They reunited them to allow the kittens to nurse until they were weaned. The feral cat was then spayed and continued to live at the sanctuary, while the kittens were taken to a foster home where they could socialize and learn to trust.

Asa, who fosters for Tails High, an all-volunteer rescue, welcomed them into her care and started working on building trust with them.

hissy kittens shyAsa

The feline siblings, Sour Patch (fluffy) and Haribo (tabby), cowered in a corner with their gaze fixed intently on their foster mom.

Haribo was skittish, but he was more open to touch, especially if food was involved. "I couldn't get anywhere near Sour Patch without her hissing and hiding in any corner she could find," Asa shared with Love Meow.

hissy shy kitten fluffyAsa

After a good night's sleep, Sour Patch watched as her brother lapped up a treat from Asa's hand, and she inched closer for a taste. "It was such a huge improvement in a short time."

On day three, Haribo felt comfortable enough to break his silence, letting out his first purr - a step in the right direction.

kittens try treatsAsa

Sour Patch still loathed human interaction but tolerated her foster mom for food. Asa knew in her heart that someday that would change.

After a week of socialization, instead of hiding, the kittens started playing with toys in front of their foster mom.

shy kittens hidingAsa

Haribo softened up significantly with the help of his favorite snack, but Sour Patch refused to let up and earned herself one-on-one snuggle sessions with Asa.

Hissing in protest, she wasn't pleased with the arrangement, but a few pets soothed her worries.

fluffy kitten pettingAsa

After spending a whole day with Asa, Sour Patch learned to relax around her. "Her purr motor has been revving up faster and faster with each interaction."

To further her bond with Sour Patch, Asa used the "purrito" method.

fluffy kitten floofAsa

She grabbed a soft blanket and wrapped Sour Patch like a burrito, rocking her gently in her arms. As she swayed back and forth, Sour Patch's resistance softened, and the wariness in her eyes melted away.

She purred reluctantly, but her slow blinking and squinting betrayed her guarded demeanor.

kitten purrito snugglesAsa

"Over the course of the past month, we've been taking baby steps - starting off with petting them while they eat, hand feeding them, holding them, and eventually, they feel safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms and purr up a storm," Asa shared.

kittens lap catsAsa

"They love to run around the house chasing each other. Haribo will join me in the kitchen if he suspects a meal is being prepared, and he always comes running up to me when he hears or smells food."

fluffy kittens sweetAsa

The feral kittens have blossomed into playful indoor kitties. They have explored the whole house with confidence and even befriended the resident animals.

kittens playful tabbyAsa

They continue to learn to be brave with treats, toys, and plenty of love from their foster family. Now, they join the rest of the furry residents, begging for food in the kitchen.

kittens cat dog friendsAsa

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