Kitten Found Alone, Cuddles Up to Cat Siblings and Won’t Let Go

Kitten Found Alone, Cuddles Up to Cat Siblings and Won’t Let Go


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A lone kitten was so happy when she met two feline siblings. She cuddled right up to them.

Lauren Strycula

A 3-week-old kitten, Jules, was brought to The Animal Welfare League of Arlington as a singleton. She was in desperate need of foster care and a friend to cuddle.

Lauren Strycula was at the shelter's Kitten College Program when she came across the little girl. She knew right away that she could help. "Kittens are very special creatures, and they crave and need the company and comfort of other kittens," Lauren shared with Love Meow.

A few weeks prior to meeting Jules, a pair of feline twins (Jace and Jackie) made their way into her home.

Lauren Strycula

The two siblings were in poor shape, struggling to eat. With round-the-clock and painstaking care from their foster mom, they bounced back on their paws and began to thrive.

"It took a few days before things started improving. I could see a noticeable difference in their moods," Lauren told Love Meow. "They finally began to make significant weight gains."

Lauren Strycula

As soon as Jules settled into her new abode, she became an instant chatterbox. Despite her small stature, she had a big voice and was determined to be heard. Lauren kept her company the entire time during quarantine, giving her plenty of one-on-one playtime and snuggle sessions.

Needless to say, the kitty had a lot to say and many opinions to share. She was pleased with the sleeping arrangement right in her foster mom's arms. "This little lady is such a sweetheart! She loves to be wrapped in a blanket burrito and will just stare up at you with those mesmerizing blue eyes."

Lauren Strycula

When the lone kitten was ready to meet the rest of the crew, Lauren brought her to the twins and hoped they would accept her.

Within seconds, the feline siblings waddled up to the newcomer and took her right under their wing. After a few sniffs, they started washing each other's faces as if they had been together all their lives.

Lauren Strycula

After an adorable meet-and-greet, Jules started wrestling with her new friends, who were gentle and sweet with her. That night, they fell asleep together with little Jules right in the center of the cuddle puddle.

The kittens have formed a beautiful bond. They seek each other out and do everything together as a trio. Jules is the smallest of the three, but the little girl can hold her own. As long as she has a buddy by her side, she is as happy as can be.

Lauren Strycula

Whenever Jules is hungry, she speaks to her humans with the utmost urgency.

Watch the kittens in this cute video:

Jules and her new feline

"She will plant her two tiny front paws right on your feet, look up at you with those big shining eyes, and plaintively tell you, in increasingly pitiful voice, that you forgot to feed her," Lauren said.

The feline twins let their little sister take the lead at mealtime, as she's the loudest and most vocal of all.

Lauren Strycula

Once food is served, Jules always manages to be the messiest eater. She strives to finish her food before everyone else does.

"She uses her paw to stabilize the bowl so she can immerse her mouth and nose," Lauren said.

Lauren Strycula

The little singleton quickly blossomed after she met the feline twins.

Despite being from different mothers, Jace and Jackie treat their little sister as their own.

Lauren Strycula

Now that Jules is no longer alone, she is thriving like a shining star.

She follows her siblings everywhere around the room, and Jackie and Jace make sure that she will always have a buddy to nap with.

Lauren Strycula

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