Kitten With 2 Extra Ears Born in Shelter the Same Day They Rescued His Mom


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A stray cat gave birth to a litter of kittens on the same day she was brought to the shelter.

One of the kittens has an extra set of tiny ears.

Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Crystal Clear Photography

A family from Melbourne, Australia found two kittens under their house a few months ago. They rushed them to the shelter to get help and went back to find their mother.

One of the kittens (Frankie) has four ears, where the extra ears are a genetic deformity. He found his forever home with his caretaker, Georgi of Geelong Animal Welfare Society, but no one expected that they would soon find another kitten just like him.

A few weeks later, the family managed to catch the mama cat and brought her to the shelter. That night, she surprised the shelter staff by giving birth to another litter. "(It was) a much nicer place to have babies than under a house," Georgi said.


They noticed that one of the fur babies shared similar deformities with Frankie. He, too, has four ears. "They obviously have the same genetic condition," Georgi added.

Forever Friends Animal Rescue took in the little kitten as he needed extra care and medical attention. His foster mom worked tirelessly to nurse him back to health.

Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Crystal Clear Photography

"They were able to save his eyes and his vision. His overbite is only minor and he doesn't have the knee problems that Frankie has," Georgi said.

The mama cat was very timid but has improved so much in the shelter. They are hopeful that she will come around in foster care and eventually find a good home.

The 4-eared kitten grew in size and personality.

Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Crystal Clear Photography

"Having four ears just adds to his uniqueness. He's a very confident, inquisitive, young boy who loves adventure," Forever Friends Animal Rescue said.

"He adores humans, both young and old, and he's always keen to cuddle up in a warm lap at the end of the day."

Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Crystal Clear Photography

Liz Starcevic learned about the kitten's journey and fell in love. When he was big enough for adoption, she immediately offered to give him a forever home.

A week ago, the sweet kitten moved into his new abode and claimed it as his kingdom. "We've named him Thorne. He is adorable. I can't get over how affectionate he is," Liz shared with Love Meow.

"He's just the sweetest thing. Every time we walk up to him, he rolls over for a belly rub," Liz said.

Thorne has a big appetite and loves to keep his humans company at all times. "He eats like every meal is his last. He's so affectionate and vocal. He meows all the time and is very chatty."

"We are so in love with him."

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