Kitten With Permanent Head Tilt Greets Everyone She Meets While Waiting for a Home

Kitten With Permanent Head Tilt Greets Everyone She Meets While Waiting for a Home


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Three months ago, a kitten with an injured leg and a very bad ear infection came to the shelter for a second chance at life.

Wrenn Rescues

Lucy was nine months old when she was brought into a shelter in Los Angeles. She would need to have surgery to repair her leg once her Upper Respiratory Infection cleared up. She also had a severe ear infection causing a very dramatic head tilt.

Jenifer Hurt of Wrenn Rescues, took the kitten into her care and brought her to Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care for treatment. "They kept her for a very long time while she healed," Jenifer said.

"Our vet discovered she had a massive, untreated ear infection. It Likely went into her inner ear damaging it."

Wrenn Rescues

While Lucy was at the vet, she loved getting the attention from everyone she met. "She seems to be more interested in human attention than cat attention. What a lover," Jenifer added.

The brave kitten immediately wanted snuggles after surgery and was always in good spirits.

Wrenn Rescues

A few months later, while she had fully recovered, she was left with a permanent head tilt, which doesn't bother her at all.

"She will always have that cute little head tilt! It doesn't affect her one bit and personally, I think it's adorable," Jenifer told Love Meow. "Lucy loves to snuggle!"

Wrenn Rescues

"She's ready to go to a new home now, and we just need to find the perfect match."

Watch Lucy's rescue journey in this video:

Whenever Lucy spots someone in the office, she will offer a helping paw.

Taking over the office chair!

Wrenn Rescues

She loves to help around the office!

"When I bring her in, she has her special spot under my desk where she can sleep but also be close to the action," Jenifer said.

Wrenn Rescues

The sweet kitty with a permanent head tilt has blossomed into a gorgeous cat.

She can't wait to find a place to call her own.

Wrenn Rescues

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