Kitten Sets His Mind on Walking Again and Wants to Be on the Go All the Time

Kitten Sets His Mind on Walking Again and Wants to Be on the Go All the Time


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A kitten who set his mind on walking again, is now on the go all the time.

kitten paralyzed legsMohan the kittenThe Kitten Carer Rescue

Jessica Ruf, the founder of the Kitten Carer Rescue, was contacted about a kitten with paralyzed hind legs, in need of rescue. She sprang into action and took him in to safety.

The kitten was in rough shape upon arrival—he was just skin and bones, lethargic, hungry and covered in fleas. "It was evident he had no movement in the lower half of his body, as he would drag his torso and legs across the ground to move only using his front paws," Jessica shared with Love Meow.

Even with all that he'd been through, the kitten was motivated to eat and had a strong meow from the start.

special needs kitten, kitten hugsHe came to the rescue with paralyzed hind legsThe Kitten Carer Rescue

The kitten named Mohan was estimated to be three weeks old. Courtney, a foster volunteer of the rescue, welcomed him into her loving home.

"He snuggled in close to me all night and just stared at me with those big beautiful eyes—I knew he was happy to be safe," Courtney shared with Love Meow. "He was hugging my fingers and a teddy all night, purring."

cuddly kittenHe fell asleep while cuddling his teddyThe Kitten Carer Rescue

After a visit to the vet, it was determined that the kitten had no feeling from his waist down to the tip of his tail.

"Mohan has some compression between L1 and L2 in his spinal cord. This is likely from a serious fall," Courtney added. "We hope that acupuncture will help with Mohan's recovery, as it increases the blood circulation and resolves swelling."

determined kittenHe is determined to use his legs to walkThe Kitten Carer Rescue

Mohan was treated for a potential infection, while he continued physical therapy (including hydrotherapy) at home. "We really have high hopes for this little guy, he is such a fighter and wants to be on the go all the time."

The tabby boy is eager to stand and walk like other kitties, and refuses to let anything stop him from having fun.

orange tabby kittenThe Kitten Carer Rescue

"He has such a spark in him! He is the cheekiest little guy who tries using his legs constantly and lets nothing get in the way."

Watch Mohan the kitten in this cute video:

Determined Kitten from The Kitten Carer

"He will always find a way to get where he needs to go. Every day it seems he is gaining more feeling in his lower half, with daily at-home therapy. The movement in his legs now is just incredible."

mohan the kitten, tongue kittenThe Kitten Carer Rescue

In a couple of weeks, Mohan has progressed from dragging his hind limbs to balancing on all fours like a champ. His energy has soared, mobility improved, and his personality emerged.

He likes to tackle anything that moves, and climb whatever he can lay his paws on.

Every day he makes great strides and now he can balance on all four legsThe Kitten Carer Rescue

"Little Mohan has so much will and determination to use his legs and walk," Courtney shared with Love Meow.

"Already I have seen him trying to push himself forward and he's even balancing on all four legs for a few seconds at a time. I feel like every minute I am seeing improvement."

kitten in bedThe Kitten Carer Rescue

Yesterday, Mohan had his first acupuncture session at the vet clinic. He zipped around the room playing, and got plenty of cuddles from the staff.

"He was such a brave boy. When I picked him up in the evening, he was fast asleep in the car within minutes."

cuddly kittenHe is a cuddle-bugThe Kitten Carer Rescue

The strong-willed kitty never ceases to amaze his people as he continues living everyday to the fullest and is well on his way to walking on his feet.

The Kitten Carer Rescue

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