Kitten with 3 Paws Perseveres and Lives Everyday to Fullest After Being Found Near Dumpster

Kitten with 3 Paws Perseveres and Lives Everyday to Fullest After Being Found Near Dumpster


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A tiny calico kitten with three paws bounced back and persevered after she was found near a dumpster.

calico kitten tinyPetal the calicoKitten Rescue Life

A few weeks ago, a Good Samaritan from Southern California found a litter of three kittens left beside a dumpster, desperately needing help.

The kittens were around one week old, and one of them was missing a paw. The finder immediately brought them in to an emergency clinic to seek medical attention.

The trio were very young and would need round-the-clock care. The veterinary staff began reaching out to local rescues for assistance. "That's how we heard of their request for help," Amanda Hodder, the founder of Kitten Rescue Life, told Love Meow.

Petal and her siblings were found near a dumpster by a Good SamaritanKitten Rescue Life

Petal the calico was missing half of her leg. She had a severe wound infection that could be life threatening if left untreated. Her brother also came with an infection at the umbilical cord site.

"We immediately rushed them to our cat specialty vet who made the decision to operate on Petal's leg right then and there," Amanda told Love Meow.

kitten injured pawShe was found missing a paw and needed emergency surgeryKitten Rescue Life

"Petal was just one week old and only five ounces. The recommended age and weight for operating and anesthesia is two pounds and two months. Our vet didn't make this decision lightly -- she knew it was a life or death situation in her case."

Amanda nervously waited outside in her car for news as the surgery went on. Then, she got a call from the vet, telling her that Petal pulled through and was awake.

calico kitten purritoLittle warrior kittyKitten Rescue Life

"I went inside and was able to feed her a bottle. I knew in that moment the worst was behind her and she was going to be okay," Amanda shared with Love Meow.

The calico showed incredible resilience as she bounced back on her three paws and started demanding attention. In just a few days, her wound healed wonderfully and she was ready to venture out of her nest and play.

vocal calico kittenKitten Rescue Life

"She is such a strong girl, she gets around just fine and you'd never know she had surgery because she is so lively and happy."

Petal is a bit more wobbly than her siblings, but she doesn't let it stop her. She insists on doing everything just like her litter mates and continues to strengthen her muscles and work on her balance.

demanding calico kittenShe is ready to venture and playKitten Rescue Life

"Petal is strong in both mind and body. From the second we got her we knew she was special. She never acted any different from the other kittens. Even the day she got home from her surgery, she was goofing around with her siblings like nothing happened," Amanda told Love Meow.

"Her perseverance has been inspiring to us and our followers who have fallen in love with her."

brave tripod kittenPetal is strong-willed and resilientKitten Rescue Life

Look at her play!

When the calico is big enough, she will have a second leg surgery to ensure quality of life.

"She has a very spunky nature. She's goofy and playful with her siblings, but she will also curl up on your chest or your shoulder and enjoy some cuddle time. She has just recently found her tail and loves to chase it!"

cute calico kittenKitten Rescue Life

Petal is so brave and adventurous that the sky is the limit for the little girl. "She hops and scoots around like there's no tomorrow."

beautiful calico kittenKitten Rescue Life

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